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Urinal and Washroom Hygiene Treatments

Urinals and Washrooms are often the source of bad washroom odours that wont go away. A combination of bacteria, slime, scale and salt build up on urinal trough grates, pipes and washroom bowls are the most common source of these foul smelling odours and airborne bacteria.

Mermaid Hygiene’s Urinal and WC Treatment program helps:

Protect your clients and staff from the risk of potentially harmful bacterial infection via airborne transmission.

Reduce the foul malodour that accompanies bacterial growth and build up in both Urinals and WC’s.

Assist in providing a clean and fresh smelling washroom.

Mermaid Hygiene Treatment programs have a 2 step systematic approach to addressing the hygiene, maintenance and budgetary requirements of your business.

The Mermaid Hygiene WC and Urinal Treatment Programs consist of:

The Mermaid Bio Sanitiser

Automatically delivers a measured dose with every flush providing a 24/7 protection system.

Doses a preparation that is biodegradable, pleasantly scented and contains a powerful bactericide that controls bacterial growth and minimises the build up of uric acid and malodours.

In urinals provides a surface agent to help clear down pipes of odour causing and pipe chocking organic waste.

Deep Treatment

To help maintain the hygiene and appearance of your urinal or WC, specially trained technicians will perform a complete revitalisation treatment on every scheduled visit.

Deep Treatment helps compliment the Bio Sanitiser through treating the following areas

  • Urinal surface and trough
  • Urinal waste pipe cover and pipe down to the water level
  • Step and or stand-on grate
  • The splash zone - Immediate floor and wall area to approximately ½ metre around the urinal.

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