About Mermaid Hygiene Services

Since commencing operations in 1984, Mermaid Hygiene Services has been renowned for offering excellent quality washroom hygiene solutions. In 2017, Mermaid Hygiene Services joined forces with Rentokil Initial to become part of Initial Hygiene Australia.

This fusion of local knowledge and global expertise brings a hygiene powerhouse to Australia. Through Initial Hygiene we have raised the standards of hygiene in Australian businesses in order to protect your staff, customers and reputation. As a powerhouse, the business now has a wide range of professional, specialist and support skills which give it the capability of developing, implementing and maintaining a winning operation. Mermaid Hygiene Services offers a full range of washroom services to our many and varied clients ranging from micro businesses to large multinational organisations across the greater Melbourne area, Geelong, Bendigo and many other areas.

Mermaid Hygiene Van

Very often support services companies focus inwardly, seeking glory for what they do. Mermaid Hygiene Services focuses not on what we do, but what our client needs us to do.

At Mermaid Hygiene Services, we are interested in you and your specific needs, at all times looking to make your life easier, compliant with legislative requirements and looking to free you up to focus on your core product or service.

Mermaid Hygiene Services has Quality Assured status, which means that what you get today will be what you get tomorrow and the next day, a consistency that comes from looking at ways to continually provide the service at increasingly exceptional levels.

Contact us today and speak with one of our friendly team to discuss how we can help with your washroom hygiene needs.

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“Bowens have been with Mermaid for more than a year now and not only are they price competitive, their customer service is outstanding. They are always there to help with any queries and get onto things...”Bowens
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